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Unlike other SMART repair services, the process of paintless dent removal is not something you may buy off the shelf and offer at once to your customer, it is indeed a highly qualified skill that must be taught. Any other PDR company that informs you that you can be ready to go within 10-14 days is simply kidding themselves aswell as you.


At DENTBUSTERS the training is different, firstly you will be assigned an instructor to work with you on a one to one basis, at our training centre in High Wycombe, here you will be taught firstly the basics of locating the dents on car panels, before progressing onto taking out minor dings and dents on the same panels. This intensive training can last anything up to a month dependent on your capability, after all you are representing our name aswell as your own out there in the “real” world, until your profficient we would not put you into your area as this is neither in your interests or ours. You will then be assigned a technician, who you will accompany visiting their clientele, this will not only build up your interpersonal skills, but also give you on the spot job training experience.


Other companies may send you off on a "training course" lasting anything from one week to one month...not at DENTBUSTERS , we believe the only way to learn a skill is to practise and “home” that skill in the real world, out there on customers vehicles not on panels in a workshop! The length of our training will typically extend to one month, however if you are the right candidate, this may be shortened accordingly, but rest assured you will not be on the road until we at DENTBUSTERS feel you are capable of doing so.

If you are the type of person who relishes a challenge and can see the potential in an ever expanding successful business, then read on....







Not sure if Paintless Dent Removal is for you? Try our 1 day introduction

To PDR to test the water and see the massive earning potential of this

great career. You will accompany a fully skilled technician for a full working

day, seeing everything from communicating to clients, pricing up repairs,

getting to the dents, and of course, the PDR process.

One Day Introduction Courses start at £300.00 + VAT




Specifically designed for those already familiar with the dent removal

process, who may want to polish up on their skills. Whether its taking out

sharp dents, getting to the awkward ones or any other aspect of the process,

this course can help you.

One Day Refresher Courses start at £395.00 (half days also available)




Learn all aspects of the PDR business from the professionals! We will show

you how to get new business, deal with existing customers, pricing and the

professional removal of dents, this course is an overview, you will be shown

access points and techniques used to remove dents and creases, you will

require further training to master this craft.

3 Day Intermediate Courses start at £750 + VAT





As above, but with a further 2 days hands on experience. Get the feel of taking out

live dents whilst having a Dentbuster technician to guide you through it. Our

technicians are the best in the business! Learn from the professionals.

5 Day Intensive Courses start at £950.00 + VAT









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